Permaculture design is my passion.  Let me help you see the potential in your garden, and together develop an elegant plan for turning it into a thriving foodscape.

A permaculture inspired design can save you time, money and resources, while producing a bounty of organic food.  The design process is as much about you as it is the land.  I work with your skills, time, taste and budget.  And then consider the soil type, weather exposure, slopes, plants, water and buildings to produce elegantly functional designs which won't just feed you with minimal effort, they'll save you money and improve the quality of your home by cooling your house in summer and letting light through in winter.

Suburban Permaculture Design

Gives you need a clear and basic design of what’s possible for your property, and a thorough list of resources and networks you can access to help bring your design to life

You receive

  • A vision statement which encapsulates your dreams and aspirations for your property. 
  • A full coloured, computer rendered, to-scale concept design with the basic layout of what goes where.
  • A thorough list of resources and networks to support you.
  • A report up to 3 pages long with relevant detailed information.
  • One follow up phone conversation about the design concept if needed.

The process

I gather some basic site information via internet sources and develop a to-scale base map.

A two to four hour visit consisting of:

Approximately 30 minute meeting with you and other residents. I draft a basic vision statement which provides a clear vision for where you’re heading with your property.

Approximately 1-2 hour solo walk around the property where I draw to-scale sketches.

30 to 40 minutes: I walk back over the property with you and talk through all design concepts to revise and refine ideas until a clear concept is established. 

I'll then draw up the design to scale, compile the report and email it all through to you.

Please note, detail around plant varieties, building or landscaping materials are not provided as part of this design.

Up to 8 hours of time.
* Please note, for really large or unique/tricky properties, this fee will need to be increased due to it taking longer – contact me for an accurate quote.

Design implementation

With have a network of like-minded contractors who we can draw on to organise the implementation of your Thriving Foodscapes design. The timing and fee structure for this can be tailored to your budget and staged over a period of time or completed in one swift swoop. To discuss this option, please contact me for further exploration.